Speedway Groceries Tutorial

1) Click on the account icon  to either login or register with Speedway Groceries. Also, you can login with your social media account.

2) Once on the home page click on the “Click on the go to Stores” button.

3) When you reach the stores list select a store from the list. 

4) Once you are on a store page such as Aldi’s. Either select one of the categories or scroll down to view the inventory of the store.

5) In order to add products to your shopping cart, simply click the “add to cart” button at the bottom of each item. If you want you can click on the item to view descriptions and additional images.

6) After you have selected your items you will scroll up to the cart button located around to header. Click the cart button and click on checkout at the bottom of the dropdown menu.

7) After entering in your information into the checkout screen such as billing details and Delivery details. You will confirm your order by clicking the confirm button as your last option on the page.